Overview / Why choose to offer the ISC?
The IEB-ISC is an affordable, quality, international qualification for students at independent schools outside South Africa that can challenge the monopoly that is currently held by international qualifications originating outside the continent. In this way, the education economy in Africa can benefit from funded research within the continent to enhance education including teacher development.  

The USAF evaluation of the IEB-ISC provides assurance of its quality and the external oversight by a respected university in Africa, namely Stellenbosch University, underpins that perception.  

The ISC expressly acknowledges the importance of African and African-based languages for study and accommodates the possibility for them as options for learning and teaching. 

The qualification emphasises and encourages the development of soft and hard skills – global competences - required for success in the modern world. 

Provisioning of the qualification accommodates a variety of modes of delivery and at the same time enables quality assurance processes to support the validity and reliability of the qualification.

Being run by an independent assessment body and quality assured by an internationally reputable university, it is substantially less susceptible to external fluctuations in attitudes or upheavals that may occur.