Frequently Asked Questions
The first Grade 12 examinations for the IEB-ISC will take place in 2022.  

Students who have been offering Grade 10 and 11 in preparation for the NSC offered by the IEB will be sufficiently well-prepared to succeed in the examinations of the IEB-ISC at the end of their Grade 12 year.
Recognition for the IEB-ISC by USAf has the proviso that the IEB offers the qualification in a foreign country (consistent with the laws of the country concerned).

Students within South Africa have access to the IEB NSC and the IEB Advanced Programmes.  Success in the IEB NSC is recognised for entry to many international universities and success in one or more Advanced Programmes is recognised for entry into most international universities, given their status as equivalent to A levels, as benchmarked by UK NARIC in 2009 (Mathematics) and 2010 (English).
Any independent school outside the borders of South Africa that wishes to register with the IEB to offer the IEB-ISC must meet the legal obligations to operate in the country in which it is situated, including the offering of this qualification. (visit website)

You will find the process to become a registered IEB-ISC provider here: view guide
From the perspective of the IEB, distance education providers, whether they are in South Africa or outside, are able to provide the ISC to students outside South Africa.  As per the IEB requirements, distance providers will need to register as providers with the IEB and be approved through the process that the IEB has put in place for that purpose.   

There are discussions within South Africa to consider the regulatory framework for the operation of distance education providers in South Africa.  Hence distance education providers will be obliged to comply with the requirements of that regulatory framework once it becomes operational.
Some countries where students in the country are registered at the distance education provider, may require the distance education providers to fulfill certain legal requirements applicable to operation in that country.
As matters stand, 2021 will be the last year in which the NSC will be available for schools outside the country.  There has been reference to the possibility that there will be a memorandum of agreement in SADC for the NSC to be offered in neighbouring countries. That agreement has not yet been signed. 

However, if the NSC can be offered outside of South Africa after 2021, the IEB will continue to offer it to those schools outside South Africa that wish to offer it.